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Electrical Safety


Reduce the risk of electrical hazards with innovative safety solutions from nVent HOFFMAN

A safe work environment offers peace of mind for employees and management and helps ensure operations run productively and smoothly. Choose a partner to help design safety into your electrical systems to reduce the risk for workers and safeguard the business. That partner is nVent HOFFMAN.

  • nVent HOFFMAN is a thought leader in electrical safety and offers training resources to help increase awareness of electrical safety risks and educate about safer workplace practices
  • True safety is not just about equipment. It’s about people
  • We offer a broader range of enclosure products than competitors


Safer by Design Brochure

Arc Flash Protection Solutions Brochure

Introduction to Arc Flash Safety Whitepaper

Arc Flash Infographic

Internal Disconnect Shield Sell Sheet

Internal Disconnect Shield FAQ


Mild Steel Wall-Mount Disconnects

Concept Disconnect Enclosure, Type 4

Disconnect Enclosure with Clamps, Type 4

Allen-Bradley 1494 Cutout Disconnect Enclosure, Type 12

Low-Profile, One- to Five-Door Disconnect Enclosure, Type 12

Stainless Steel Wall-Mount Disconnects

Wallmount Disconnect Enclosure with Clamps, Type 4X

Concept Disconnect with Quarter-Turn Latches, Type 4X

Concept Wallmount Disconnect Enclosure, Type 4X

Non-Metallic Wall-Mount Disconnects

Fiberglass Disconnect, Type 4X

Mild Steel Free-Stand Disconnects

Heavy-Duty Free-Stand Disconnect Enclosure, Type 12

Two-Door with Floor Stands Disconnect Enclosure, Type 12

Sequestr External Disconnect Package, Type 12

Free-Stand Disconnect with Quick-Release Hinge, Type 4

Sequestr External Disconnect, Type 12

Free-Stand Disconnect Enclosure, Type 1

Sequestr Low-Amp External Disconnect, Type 4, 12 and 3R

Sequestr High-Amp External Disconnect, Type 4 and 12

Universal Free-Stand Enclosures Type 12, 3R, 4

Stainless Steel Free-Stand Disconnects

Stainless Steel 1-Dr to 5-Dr Freestand, Disconnect, Type 4X

WaterShed Freestanding SS Disconnect Enclosures

Two-Door Stainless Steel Flange-Mounted Disconnects, Type 4X

Stainless Steel 2-Door Floor-Mount Disconnect, Type 4X

Stainless Steel Sequestr, External Disconnect Package, 4X

Stainless Steel Single-Door Freestand Disconnect, Type 4X

Stainless Steel Sequestr, Retrofit External Disconnect, 4X

Sequestr Low-Amp External Disconnect , Type 4X

Sequestr High-Amp External Disconnect, Type 4X

Universal Free-Stand Enclosures Type 4X

Modular Mild Steel Disconnects

Modular Disconnect Enclosure, Type 12

<span>Flange Mount Disconnect, MCF</span>

Flange Mount Disconnect, MCF

ProLine G2 Industrial Packages, Type 12

ProLine-DD Disconnect Enclosure, Type 12

ProLine G2 Sequestr, External Disconnect, Type 12

Accessories for Electrical Safety

Internal Disconnect Shield

Sequestr External Disconnect Accessories

Universal Barrier Panel for Unibody Free-Stand, Type 1


Electrical Interlock

<span>Electrical Interlock with Safety Lockout</span>

Electrical Interlock with Safety Lockout

Electrical Interlock Defeater

<span>Secondary door interlock kit, FMS</span>

Secondary door interlock kit, FMS

Safety Lockout

Dual-Access Safety Lockout

Panel Interface Connector, Type 4

External Data Pocket, Type 4, 4X and 12

InterSafe Data Interface Port for Ethernet/ProfiNet

InterSafe Data Interface Port for Ethernet

InterSafe Data Interface Port for ControlNet

InterSafe Data Interface Port for DH+, ModBus Plus, Ethernet

InterSafe Data Interface Port for USB, 10-ft. Cable