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Food & Beverage


Protect critical electrical equipment during wash-down cleaning procedures to prevent product contamination and clean quickly

nVent HOFFMAN’s hygienic design enclosures and accessories are designed for customers in Food & Beverage applications as well as operations in other sanitary environments. A vital aspect of these environments is to clean and sanitize the plant and equipment for products to be free of microbiological, chemical, foreign particles, and cross-contamination. Equipment with non-sanitary designs are difficult to clean. The hygienic design of nVent HOFFMAN enclosures and accessories makes carrying out these jobs faster and easier.

  • Enclosures that simplify sanitary wash-down cleaning procedures
  • Gaskets with proper sealing paired with hygienic enclosure design to prevent water ingress to prevent harboring of bacteria
  • We also offer climate controls that protect against condensation while maintaining internal electrical components longer
  • Wide-range of hygienic enclosures – IP66, IP69 and IP69K ingress protection – to meet your smallest and toughest challenges

nVent HOFFMAN helps customers to simplify sanitary processes, prevent product contamination and increase uptime.

Food & Beverage Interactive Tool

Click on the image below and then each area to learn more about nVent HOFFMAN sanitary solutions.



HyShed Hinge Cover Enclosure Type 4X IP69

HyShed Screw Cover Enclosure Type 4X IP69

WaterShed Stainless Steel Wallmount Sloped Top Type 4X

WaterShed Wallmount Disconnect Enclosure Type 4X

WaterShed Stainless Steel Freestand 3 Pt Latch Type 4X

WaterShed Freestand Disconnect Enclosure Type 4X

Concept Stainless Steel Sloped Top Wallmount Type 4X

Syspend Sanitary HMI System

Syspend Sanitary HMI System

Syspend Sanitary HMI Enclosure Type 4X

Climate Control

Vortex Coolers

Vortex Coolers

Extreme Environments Air Conditioner

SpectraCool with Advanced Corrosion Protection

SpectraCool with Advanced Corrosion Protection

SpectraCool Narrow with Advanced Corrosion Protection

SpectraCool Narrow with Advanced Corrosion Protection Compact

ProAir Harsh Environment

Thermoelectric Coolers

Thermoelectric Coolers

H2Omit Thermoelectric Dehumidifier

H2Omit Thermoelectric Dehumidifier

H2Omit Vent Drains

H2Omit Vent Drains

Filter Fan Shrouds Type 4/4X

Wire & Cable Management

Stainless Steel Screw-Cover Wiring Trough Type 4X

CleanTray 90-Degree Elbow Outside Cover Sloped

Straight Section Feed-Through SS Hinged-Cover Type 4X

Straight Section Feed-Through SS Hinged-Cover Type 4X


Replacement Gasket for HyShed Hinge Cover Enclosures

Replacement Gasket for HyShed Screw Cover Enclosures

HyShed Stand-Off Kit IP69K

WaterShed Stainless Steel Padlocking Latch Kit

WaterShed Stainless Steel Padlocking Handle Kit

WaterShed Stainless Steel Stand-Off Kits Type 4x

WaterShed Stainless Steel Sanitary Leg Kits Type 4x

Filter Fan Shroud Type 4/4X Replacement Gasket

Floor Stand Kit

Food & Beverage Resources

Food & Beverage Sanitary Brochure


Hygienic Equipment Design Principles Whitepaper


Selecting The Proper Enclosure For Washdown Environments Whitepaper


Mitigating Condensation Within Enclosures Whitepaper


HyShed Sell Sheet


SYSPEND Sanitary HMI System Sell Sheet