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Hazardous Locations


Hazardous Locations

Choose the Right Product When Safety and Protection are Critical

Hazardous locations can mean exposure to liquids, gases, or vapors that attack the surfaces they’re in. Chemical reactions can expedite corrosion and have other damaging effects on surfaces. Extreme temperatures, flammable liquids or dust, or even metal powder have the potential to ignite if presented with an ignition source and oxygen. The right equipment is critical to preventing fires and explosions in these hazardous locations.

  • Industry expertise to help select the right materials to prevent or reduce attach on the enclosure
  • Meeting ATEX, IECEx, AEx, and other global certification sets Withstanding harsh environments with minimal maintenance required
  • Combatting chemical attack like Hydrogen Sulfide, Ferric Chloride, HF Acid, Etc.
  • Extending Service Life of Equipment Protection



ZonEx ATEX IECEx Type 4X Hinged 316SS ATEX Design

ZonEx ATEX IECEx Type 4X Hinged 316SS EXE Design

<span>ZonEx Non-Metallic Terminal Enclosure</span>

ZonEx Non-Metallic Terminal Enclosure

NEMA Type 9

ZonEx ATEX, IECEx, Type 4X, Screw Cover, EXE Design

ZonEx SA Series Junction Boxes


<span>SpectraCool Narrow Hazardous Location Indoor/Outdoor</span>

SpectraCool Narrow Hazardous Location Indoor/Outdoor

<span>Hazardous Location Heaters</span>

Hazardous Location Heaters

<span>Large-Volume Type Y and Z Purging/Pressurization System</span>

Large-Volume Type Y and Z Purging/Pressurization System

<span>Small-Volume Type Y and Z Purging/Pressurization System</span>

Small-Volume Type Y and Z Purging/Pressurization System

<span>Purge and Pressurization Systems</span>

Purge and Pressurization Systems


<span>Hazardous Location LED Lights, Strip</span>

Hazardous Location LED Lights, Strip

<span>Hazardous Location LED Light, CAN</span>

Hazardous Location LED Light, CAN

<span>Hazardous Location Breather Drains</span>

Hazardous Location Breather Drains

<span>Hazardous Location Window Kits</span>

Hazardous Location Window Kits

<span>Hazardous Location Hole Seals</span>

Hazardous Location Hole Seals

<span>Panels for ZonEx Non-Metallic Terminal Enclosure</span>

Panels for ZonEx Non-Metallic Terminal Enclosure

<span>Replacement Hardware Kit for Hazardous Location LED Lights</span>

Replacement Hardware Kit for Hazardous Location LED Lights

<span>Hazardous Location Door Switch</span>

Hazardous Location Door Switch


Hazardous Locations Brochure

Zonex Enclosures Brochure

Purge & Pressurization Whitepaper

Corrosive Environment Solutions Flyer