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Industrial Automation



Reliable solutions that keep automation assets running, maximize profits, and ensure safety

nVent HOFFMAN reliably protects robotic controls, automation networks, machine tool systems, electrical switchgear, material handling equipment and electrical junctions in industrial automation sectors. Maintain the highest standards of quality, repeatability with improved safety. Incorporating remote access control systems that help with thermal management and heat recognition. IoT connectivity helps proactively manage systems to reduce downtime events. 

  • Driving efficiency and cost reduction that support industrial automation
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) and system integration expertise for highly automated business systems 
  • Enclosures with the safety features to protect employees from dangerous work environments and improve up-time

All of these advantages help companies stay competitive in a dynamic global economy.


Concept Single-Door Enclosures

Universal Free-Stand Enclosures Type 12 3R 4

Modular Industrial Enclosures

Modular Industrial Enclosures

Junction Box Lay-in Hinged Cover

Junction Box Lay-in Hinged Cover

Concept Disconnect Enclosure Type 4

Aluminum Continuous Hinge with Clamps Type 12

Climate Control

SpectraCool Narrow Compact Indoor

SpectraCool Slim Fit Indoor Air Conditioner

SpectraCool Indoor/Outdoor

SpectraCool Indoor/Outdoor

Filter Fan Standard

Filter Fan Shrouds Type 3R

Wire & Cable Management

Straight Section Feed-Through Hinged-Cover Type 12

Straight Section Lay-in Hinged-Cover Type 12

Straight Section Lay-in Hinged-Cover Type 12

Wireway Hanger Feed-Through

Straight Section Lay-in Galvanized Flat-Cover Type 1

HMI & Accessories

Concept HMI Enclosure Type 4

Concept HMI Enclosure Type 4

Pushbutton Enclosures Type 12

LED Light Kit

LED Light Kit

Sequestr External Disconnect Accessory

Concept Fixed Window Kit Type 4

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