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Aluminum Wall-Mounted Industrial Enclosures

The material characteristics of aluminum make it an ideal material for the protection of critical electrical equipment in harsh environments

  • Excellent corrosion resistance prolonging the life of the enclosure
  • High impact resistance ensures durability in industrial settings
  • Strong heat dissipation for thermal regulation
  • Lightweight and machinable for easier handling and modification

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Compact Series, Aluminum, Type 4X

This Compact Series aluminum enclosure is for indoor or outdoor use in corrosive environments.
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Aluminum Compact Type 4X, 122x122x80mm
Aluminum Compact Type 4X, 125x80x57mm
Aluminum Compact Type 4X, 200x230x110mm
Aluminum Compact Type 4X, 330x230x180mm
Aluminum Compact, Type 4X, 160x160x90mm
Aluminum Compact, Type 4X, 175x80x57mm
Aluminum Compact, Type 4X, 220x122x80mm
Aluminum Compact, Type 4X, 260x160x90mm
Aluminum Compact, Type 4X, 330x230x110mm
Aluminum Compact, Type 4X, 360x160x90mm
Aluminum Compact, Type 4X, 75x80x57mm