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Extreme Environments


Rely on nVent HOFFMAN's Extreme Environments portfolio of enclosures and air conditioners, including some of the industry’s highest-rated against water and particulate ingress

Certified to UL Type 4X, IEC IP66, IP69, and IP69K, the Extreme Environments portfolio ensures durable, reliable protection of critical equipment and system components operating under the most demanding working conditions – wherever you need to put them. You’ll spend less time and money on maintenance and see longer system uptime.

  • Specially designed for the most demanding environments, including corrosives, excessive moisture, humidity, rain, and broad temperature swings
  • Premium adhesive-free gasketing with durable, welded and ground stainless steel design provides the ultimate in enclosure and air conditioning reliability
  • Ideally suited for water, wastewater, oil and gas, coastal/offshore, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, and other extreme environments
  • Designed inside and out for durability and reliability
  • Multiple standard configurations mean products arrive to you faster than custom or highly modified alternatives

Featured Products

Extreme Environments Enclosures

Designed and built for the most demanding environments with stainless-steel construction and patent-pending components like lockable lift-off door panels and adhesive-free gasket

Extreme Environments Air Conditioner

Specifically designed to withstand high-pressure washdowns with IEC IP66 and IP69 ratings. Ideally suited for use in food and beverage applications, with an FDA-approved neoprene gasket

Replaceable EPDM gasket for the Extreme Environments Enclosures

EPDM material is great for most industrial and outdoor applications with a temperature range of -50 to 120C (-58 to 248F)


Extreme Environments Enclosures Sell Sheet

Extreme Environments Air Conditioner Sell Sheet