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Hygienic Design


When health and expensive resources are involved, nVent HOFFMAN has the solutions for challenging hygienic environments

Uniquely engineered enclosures are built to withstand the high-temperature, high-pressure sprays of sanitary washdown procedures, especially for clean-in-place and harsh applications. Hygienic enclosure solutions comply with harmonized global standards that indicate how well they will prevent liquid ingress, resist corrosion, and withstand temperature and pressure ranges. 

  • Design principles that pass IP69, 3-A Sanitary Standards, NSF and Type 4X 
  • Minimize risk of bacterial growth and other contaminants
  • Resist corrosion to equipment and promote longer lifecycles for controls and drives
  • Speed and simplify routine maintenance for sanitary washdown procedures

Featured Products

HyShed Screw Cover Enclosures, Type 4X

Engineered specially to withstand high pressure, high temperature sanitary washdown cleaning procedures, particularly in Food & Beverage applications that have direct and indirect food contact.

WaterShed, Stainless Steel Wallmount Sloped Top, Type 4X

Specifically designed for use in sanitary washdown production environments, particularly food and beverage manufacturing. HOFFMAN WaterShed Enclosures feature a sloped top, sloped door edges, bullet-style hinges and additional unique features that facilitate washdown runoff.

WaterShed Stainless Steel Free-Stand

Ideally suited to protect equipment in sanitary washdown applications. Available in wall-mount, free-stand and disconnect enclosure models.

Stainless Steel Concept Sloped Top Wall-Mount, Type 4X

For indoor or outdoor applications that require a sloped top and corrosion protection from chemicals and water. Concept Enclosures feature streamlined styling with an attractive stroked finish and flush, stainless steel quarter-turn latches for secure closure.

HyShed IP69K Stand-Off Kit

Stainless steel stand-offs with blue FDA-grade silicone sealing washers provide space between enclosure and mounting surface for better washdown accessibility.

SySpend Sanitary HMI System

Suspension system designed to protect HMI devices in high-pressure, high-temperature washdown environments.

H2Omit Vent Drains

Helps reduce corrosion that can limit the life of internal electrical components. Simple gravity fed vents that remove collected liquids.



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