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Aluminum Free-Standing Enclosures

The unique features of Aluminum make it ideal for protecting electrical equipment in the right applications

  • Aluminum is a lightweight material resulting in an enclosure that is easier to handle, modify and move
  • A durable material with high impact resistance, aluminum can provide a strong solution for heavy industrial environments
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion helps the enclosure last longer
  • High heat dissipation for excellent temperature control

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WeatherFlo HD One-Door Frame Type 3R

WeatherFlo HD Enclosures are designed to protect and cool 100-500 HP variable frequency drives.
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WeatherFlo HD Enclosures 1-Door Type 3R, 74.14x36.00x30.00, White, Aluminum
WeatherFlo HD Enclosures 1-Door Type 3R, 74.14x68.56x30.00, White, Aluminum