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Heat Exchangers

Minimize downtime with low maintenance and reliable operation

  • Maintenance free application with refrigerant-free, filterless design 
  • Unique air-to-air core design to prevent dust and water infiltration which is proven by nVent HOFFMAN's stringent testing
  • Air-to-water units for reliable cooling regardless of air contaminants when refrigerated water or water from a cooling tower is available
  • Cooling Selection Tool that will help you find the ideal cooling solution from 1,000+ standard cooling configurations

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ClimaGuard Air-to-Air Indoor

ClimaGuard Indoor Heat Exchangers offer reliable, low maintenance, closed-loop cooling.
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ClimaGuard Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger Indoor, XR20 4w/F 115V

Water-Cooled Indoor/Outdoor

Water-Cooled Indoor/Outdoor ACs remove heat from enclosures with water cooling refrigerant.
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Water-Cooled Indoor/Outdoor AC CR43WC, 8500BTU 115V, Lt Gray, Steel