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New Global IEC Enclosure Portfolio

Redefine Simplicity When Ordering and Assembling

nVent HOFFMAN’s comprehensive Global IEC rated standard product range includes mild steel and stainless steel floor stand, wall mount and terminal box enclosure solutions. Accelerate the specification and installation process through interchangeable accessories and tool-free assembly, while streamlining ordering with a single global part number.

Global IEC Floor-Standing Enclosures

Global IEC Wall-Mount Enclosures

Global IEC Terminal Boxes

Floor-Standing Accessories

Wall-Mount Accessories

Terminal Box Accessories

Global IEC Catalog

Global IEC Sell Sheet

Technical Information Whitepaper

Loading and Lifting Capacity Whitepaper

Baying and Lifting Whitepaper

Locking System Whitepaper

Earthing Whitepaper

IEC 61439 Whitepaper

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