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Monitoring & Security


Monitoring & Security

Ensure safety of security equipment by protecting it with equipment you trust

Physical security is an extremely important market in the world today, especially with the development of smart cities and the increasing need to protect individual assets.  It spans segments such as transit, on-campus, municipal and so much more. Acquiring the right security equipment reduces rates of burglaries and theft, becoming essential for crime prevention.  

  • Wall-mounted enclosures offered in multiple materials with protection ranging from UL Type 1, Type 12, Type 3R, Type 4, and Type 4X
  • Modular free-standing cabinets and racks provide security networking infrastructure
  • Ladder rack provides ease of maintenance to security networking cabling

nVent HOFFMAN’s wide array of products offers a plethora of solutions with a trusted name. 


<span>AccessPlus Double-Hinge, Type 1</span>

AccessPlus Double-Hinge, Type 1

<span>ProTek Single-Door, UL and NEMA Type 4, 12</span>

ProTek Single-Door, UL and NEMA Type 4, 12

ProTek Double-Hinged, UL and NEMA Type 4 or 12

<span>ProTek Single-Door Fan Packages</span>

ProTek Single-Door Fan Packages

<span>ProTek Double-Hinged Fan Packages</span>

ProTek Double-Hinged Fan Packages

<span>Ultrx WiFi, Type 4X</span>

Ultrx WiFi, Type 4X

<span>PolyPro WiFi, Type 4X</span>

PolyPro WiFi, Type 4X

<span>Hinge-Cover WiFi, Type 4X</span>

Hinge-Cover WiFi, Type 4X

<span>Comline, Type 4X</span>

Comline, Type 4X

<span>Comline OSP Package, Type 4X</span>

Comline OSP Package, Type 4X

<span>Comline Vertical Mount Cabinet</span>

Comline Vertical Mount Cabinet

Racks & Cabinets

<span>2-Post Open Frame Rack</span>

2-Post Open Frame Rack

<span>4-Post Open Frame Rack</span>

4-Post Open Frame Rack

Cable Management & Pathways

<span>CableTek Horizontal Cable Manager</span>

CableTek Horizontal Cable Manager

<span>CableTek Vertical Cable Manager</span>

CableTek Vertical Cable Manager


<span>Pole-Mount Kit</span>

Pole-Mount Kit

<span>Solar Shield Top</span>

Solar Shield Top