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Panel Shop Automation

Reduce your lead times by modifying stocked or quick-ship enclosures on your schedule.

nVent HOFFMAN Panel Shop Automation solutions help customers automate the machining of precise holes and cutouts, optimize the cutting of DIN rails and cable ducts, and reduce wire processing time up to 60%. These solutions enable customers to be more competitive and efficient - and improve the bottom line.

Panel Shop Automation INTERACTIVE TOOL

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Modification Equipment

The nVent HOFFMAN ModCenter optimizes the machining of enclosures with cut-outs, drill-holes and threaded holes to boost your productivity. The fixation system of the ModCenter allows for placement of one or multiple enclosures, panels and mounting plates in multiple kind of materials. The ModCenter is available in four versions depending on the size of the machinable surfaces.

Cable & DIN Rail Cutting

The NC-CUT semi-automated machine optimizes the cutting of DIN rails and cable ducts to boost your labor productivity and minimize the cutting waste. Machine software imports the already created panel layout generates a simplified cut list and guides the operator through the complete process. A Motorized end-stop eliminates manual measuring and avoids potential human error. 

Wire Cutting & Labeling

The Personal Wire Assistants (PWA) products fully automate cutting to length, stripping and crimping of wires boosting productivity and ensuring consistent and precise quality. A printer is available as an option to automatically print wire labels to ensure a fast and reliable panel wiring. The machine has an automated wire feeding with 8 spools for different wires. 

Design the Manufacturing Software Powered by Zuken E3.series

Design to Manufacturing Software provides design automation to help electrical engineers to simplify processes, and ultimately increase overall productivity. With its easy-to-use intelligent central parts library, designers can now efficiently work on a single project while the software automatically ensures the data is continually up to date, making the design and planning process easy.


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